First post

We're live!

The Squidger journey started 3 years ago. During that time we've made tons of prototypes (see the image below) and tested the device with over 100 people.

We're a little bit proud of what we've achieved for a few reasons:

  • We did it ourselves, we scrimped, we saved, we took on extra jobs to get enough money to make this happen.
  • We've made something that no one else has or can. Squidger is utterly unique and our patent is as strong as a very strong thing. 
  • It really works and so will really save you money and help a little bit to save the planet.
  • We have a very good understanding of where we'd like to take the company and how we'd like to grow. We're very confident that we can do this in a sustainable fashion.

Thanks so much for your help and support.

If you have any questions you can reach us at:

Bear in mind that there's only 3 of us, so it might take a little time for us to respond to you.


Team Squidger.