About Squidger

Meet Team Squidger: Adam, Clare & Philippa


How Squidger came about

Clare & Philippa got really annoyed by not being able to squeeze the last bit out of a tube of cosmetics. They were sick of having to cut the end of the tubes off. So, they approached Adam (who runs an Invention house called mental) to see if he could come up with a solution. He and his team did just that.
We've spent a lot of time (3 years!) evolving Squidger to the device that we have now - proudly designed and made in Britain.
We really hope you like it and enjoy getting more out, saving money and a whole lot of hassle.
More about Squidger
There are some important things you need to know about Squidger:
  1. What tubes you can use it on
  2. How to use it
  3. Special features

What tubes you can use it on

Squidger is designed to fit most 75-150ml tubes. However, with a bit of practice we've been able to use it on some smaller tubes (50ml) and some larger tubes (250ml).

How to use Squidger

 Squidger's special features

1) Keep your tubes folded using it like a clip... 

2) Use the edge of Squidger to score the tube and make it easy to fold your tubes down their length

3) To get even more out... Take Squidger off, reverse the fold of the tube and re-attach Squidger