There are some important things you need to know about Squidger. These are:

  1. What tubes you can use it on.
  2. How to use it.
  3. Special features


What tubes you can use it on.

The version of Squidger for sale right now is designed to fit most 75-150ml tubes. However it will fit some smaller tubes e.g. 50ml and some larger tubes (we got it to fit a 250ml tube). The way to be sure is simple, if the cap of your tube is bigger than a £2 coin (28 mm) and smaller than a the whole if you make the 'OK' symbol with your thumb and middle finger, it should work.


How to use it.

Here's video on how to use Squidger.


Special features.

Squidger has three special features:

1) Keep your tubes folded using it like a clip... 


2) Use the edge to make it easy to fold your tubes down their length...

3) Flip the tubes to get even more out.


Press & PR

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