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Squidger is designed to get up to 10-20%* more out of your 75-150ml tubes, and this is where you can buy one.. or ten! 

Don't worry if you live outside the UK. We ship internationally for the same price!

 All the Squidgers

*based on a test of 30 x 75ml tubes

Discounts ahoy!!!

We want to get Squidgers into every bathroom and bedroom. So have some great offers for you:

Free postage and packing on order of 3 or more Squidgers. 

10% Off if you buy 5+ Squidgers - Use discount code 10%Off at the check out.

20% Off if you buy 10+ Squidgers - use discount code 20%Off at the check out.


Bulk Orders

If you'd like to order in bulk (30+) for your shop, or a massive surprise for Aunty Cath and her 50 kids, then drop us a line at and one of us will respond before too long.